How to earn money?

Step by step to your revenues

nikkin offers athletes, teams and clubs (“Content Creator”) a share of the advertising revenues on the app.

This share includes sales that can be assigned directly to the content creator, such as rewarded videos on the team profile, as well as sales in the general areas of the app, such as ads in the news feed. nikkin intends to pass on around 50% of the sales that can be offset on the app.

Payments by nikkin are generally taxable.


  • Only teams created on the app are eligible for revenues
  • The team administrator is the contact person and responsible for all information
  • The team has at least 100 followers


  • As soon as the prerequisites are met, the admin is authorized to register a verification via the nikkin form
  • nikkin will check the registration within up to 4 weeks


  • From the month following the approval by nikkin, the content creator is entitled to a share
  • The payment is made within the first ten days of the following month for the month in which the content creator was entitled to a share
  • The payment is made by bank transfer in euros *
    * Note: nikkin does not assume any fees for paid international transfers and does not accept fee sharing.

Download the form and verify yourself as Content Creator at nikkin:

Then send the form to! You will receive a confirmation in the coming weeks. Your team is successfully verified with this confirmation and can start earning money!


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